GAPP has a deep commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. We understand that efficiency isn’t only good for our customers, it’s good for the environment, too. Here are a few of the ways GAPP is going green.

Joint Process Improvement

In our ongoing communication with our partners, GAPP is continually discussing ways to decrease our carbon footprint, by adopting environmentally friendly technologies, optimizing our routes, and through the continual education of our staff, partners, and suppliers.

Implementation of Green Policies

Wherever possible, GAPP purchases renewable-that is, electric-energies, and we have implemented recycling programs at our warehouses. Our multi-modal route optimization plans are targeted at achieving environmental efficiencies, while we have adopted anti-idling policies at our facilities.

Annual Green Reporting

GAPP is serious about tracking, and improving upon, our carbon footprint. Beyond monitoring our activities, we also set annual benchmarks designed to make GAPP’s environmental policies and practices the best-in-class.